Prepare Your Home For Showing



To quote from the scouting world, BE PREPARED!:


Develop a plan so that when the call comes you can implement your plan and have the house ready for showing within 45 minutes to an hour. Your plan should include a routine that allows you to whip things in shape on short notice. For example, keep beds made, put dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink, keep a set of fresh towels at the ready, and empty waste containers frequently. With a little planning and an established routine, you'll be able to respond quickly with little hassle when the call comes.


Pick Up, Pick Up, Pick up:

Floors, halls, stairs, and other traffic areas, should be free of clutter, toys, clothing, and any other items that may give the appearance of congestion. Don't forget the counter tops. Magazines, newspapers, etc., should be orderly if left out. Prospective buyers know you still live in your home and expect it to have a "lived in" look, but an organized appearance goes a long way when making a first impression.


Lighten up:

Turn on all the lights including closets and storage areas. Lighting has a way of creating an appearance of airiness. It quietly says that you're not trying to hide anything and that in fact you're proud of your home as you rightfully should be.


Open the drapes, curtains, and blinds:

Let the outside light shine in and enhance the interior of your home. It will make rooms seem larger and fresher, and add an "openness" to the house.


Kitchen and Bathrooms:

Clear off all counter tops, wipe down appliances and mirrors, empty open waste cans, and lay out a nice set of fresh towels. Use fresheners sparingly. Clear sinks of dishes and other clutter. Create an appearance of cleanliness.



If you have a fireplace consider a cozy fire for effect. Or if it's warm and humid outside and you have air conditioning you might want to turn it on to create a comfortable atmosphere. Perhaps some soft background music would be in order. Consider a nice floral arrangement in a strategic location. A pleasant and inviting atmosphere might just be the thing that convinces the prospective buyer that your home is just what they are looking for.



BE PREPARED.....First impressions can make a difference!


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