Getting Your Home Ready For Sale Clean, clean, and clean some more: Shampoo the carpets; wash the walls, windows, curtains, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, molding, etc.. Consider bringing in a cleaning service as part of the overall moving expense. Kitchens and Bathrooms: Clear the counter tops. Maximize available counter top surface. Clean appliances and fixtures inside and out. Replace caulk where needed. Wipe tiles and buff to shine as best possible. Clean grout. Check around bottom of tubs, showers, and toilets for telltale stains. Main Storage Areas: Purge the garage and shed of unneeded items. Have a garage sale, or a shed sale, but get rid of the junk. Keep what you must, but store things in a neat and orderly manner. This will give storage areas the appearance of being large and ready for storing the new owner's things. Repairs and Maintenance: If it's broke fix it or have someone fix it for you. Maintenance and functionality are a reflection of you and the care of what you own. If people notice your concern for care they will have a higher level of confidence in their decision to purchase. Closets: Organize and de-clutter. Box up and pack away seasonal items. Make closets look large and functional with lots of storage. Potential buyers will be looking to see if there is enough room for their stuff. General: You want your home to appear light, airy, and spacious. Open the curtains, blinds, or drapes. Store away clutter. Proper furniture arrangements and use of wall hangings can make a room look larger. Potential buyers aren't there to view your belongings but to see where they will put theirs. The House: Go across the street and look at your home from a distance. It should be appealing and appear well maintained. Now go back to your yard and walk around the house looking for things that need repair. As you survey the outside of your home try and look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Does it appear to need a lot of external work? How about the roof? Garage door look ok? What about around the windows and doors? Doorbell in working order? Got a pool? Is it clean? Got a deck? Is it presentable? What about those gutters and downspouts? The exterior should show the same care you give the interior. Consider hiring a professional if you can't get the work done yourself. The Yard: Trim and groom vegetation. Clean under shrubs and in flower beds. Lay in ground cover if needed. De-weed. Remove clutter. Fix fences and gates. Got a dog? Clean up after it. Make the yard look appealing and functional. The potential buyers are looking to see if it will serve their needs. Overall: What do you think the potential buyer is doing while waiting for you to answer the door? What would you be doing? Surveying the yard? Maybe the exterior of the house? Checking out the driveway? You get the idea. Potential buyers will recall both good and bad when thinking back to their tour. No one wants to buy someone else's problems. Remember.....First impressions are important!


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